Berkshire Botanics has been producing a range of natural skin and hair care products for over five years. Unlike many commercially manufactired items, our products contain no synthetic fragrances or colours, and as few synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers as is reasonably practical.

The essential oils used in our products are chosen for their proven therapeutic properties and/or their natural fragrance. They may also incorporate a range of dried roots, barks and herbs.

We strive to offer quality products at very competitive prices. Over the years we have recieved much positive feedback from many loyal customers.

Berkshire Botanics is committed to the highest standards of fair trade and sustainability. None of our products are tested on animal, either by us or our suppliers. We ensure that our suppliers guarantee high quality and traceability of raw materials.

We supply many of our products in recyclable glass bottles/jars; returning customers will receive a refund on return. Some local councils recycle PET (plastic) bottles.

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